Zinc Plating

About Zinc Plating – Barrel

Zinc plating applies a thin coating of zinc to metal objects, giving them a layer of protection from the surrounding environment.

The process of coating smaller objects is referred to as barrel plating. This zinc electroplating provides a coating that works as an effective barrier against the effects of wear, and helps prevent corrosion and abrasion. Due to the high level of protection it provides at low thicknesses, it is an ideal electroplating solution for small components such as machined screws and threaded parts.


Our barrel plating capabilities:

  • 3 fully automated barrel lines
  • 3 forms of drying systems allowing us to process and handles various types and complex parts.
  • Variety of passivate and top coat systems on line/offered to meet each customers specific requirements.


It is a perfect option for large quantities due to the low cost per unit, and can lengthen the lifespan of steel products for up to thirty years.

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Zinc Plating

Other benefits of zinc plating include:

  • Less expensive than zinc nickel plating

  • Greatly extends lifespan of steel products

  • Coating process doesn’t involve any toxic materials

  • Excellent ductile and adhesive properties

  • Improves overall appearance of metals, giving them a clean and bright look

  • Zinc is more electrochemically reactive than steel and corrodes sacrificially, protecting the steel.

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