Zinc Nickel Plating

About Zinc Nickel Plating

Zinc-nickel is a high performance coating that provides exceptional corrosion protection in harsh environments.

The coating involves the co-electrodeposition of Zinc and Nickel to a component. By doing so, this increases the sacrificial protection to the under lying iron or steel. The addition of 12-15% by weight of Nickel dramatically improves the performance of a Zinc Nickel finish over the more common Zinc or Zinc Iron systems.


Standards for zinc-nickel plating typically require un-passivated parts coated with 10µm of zinc-nickel to withstand 500 hours or more of neutral salt spray testing before red corrosion. With the inclusion of various top coats and sealers, corrosion resistance levels can greatly be improved, reaching performance levels well in excess 1000 hours of neutral salt spray.

Zinc Plating

Benefits of Zinc Nickel include:

  • Highest corrosion resistance

  • Superior ductility – Critical to successful plating of fluid lines, fittings, and other tubular items; components that must endure extreme pressures and secondary processing, and that must also maintain corrosion performance.

  • Highest hardness properties compared to all zinc & zinc alloys. Provides superior anti-scratch performance.

  • Trivalent Chromate (CR3) – Hexavalent Chrome free

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