Paint Removal & Refurbishing

About Paint Removal & Refurbishing

We use a thermal cleaning system to remove polymers and plastics from metal articles. The metal cleaning process involves heating the object to temperatures of 700-800 Fahrenheit that decomposes the organic material, reducing it to an easily removable ash.

This method of paint removal is an environmentally friendly option as any smoke or gases that are produced during the heating are consumed by an afterburner, leaving only small amounts of water vapour and carbon dioxide. The process is also very gentle on the item being cleaned as no abrasive materials or flames come in contact with it throughout the cleaning.

Other benefits of thermal cleaning include:

  • Parts can be left clean and ready for use again with the minimum amount of preparation

  • Due to our large thermal cleaning oven we are able to refurbish a wide range of items of varying sizes

  • Parts can be turned around in a very short amount of time compared to manual cleaning, saving on labour costs.

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